Endoscopy ReportingEndoscopy Reporting Software

  • Ready made templates available out of the box for the Endoscopy unit
  • Procedure Reports with images integrated for Procedures including Colonoscopy/Sigmoidoscopy, EGD, Double Procedures, ERCP, EUS and other customizable functions. View sample reports.
  • Facilitates unlimited image capture, video capture and storage of patient records
  • Provides Patient Scheduler for easy preparation of patient list and a Search facility for quick patient search by ID, Last Name or First Name
  • Instant Fax and E-mail of reports
  • Automatic entry of CPT Procedure codes to save time and ensure adequate billing
  • Incorporates ICD-10 diagnosis and CPT Procedure codes and individualized dictionary for each physician
  • Analysis report generator provides analysis by physician, procedure type, diagnosis, indications or instruments

Discharge Instructions

Discharge Instructions printed out for patients within minutes of the procedure being completed

Do not allow your center to miss out on scheduled procedures five days or five years later

Reminders can be set and recall letter printed and mailed to patients reminding them of procedures. With the billing module (link to Billing), we provide added service for sending letters to patients.

Referral Letters

  • Referral Letters can be customized for each procedure
  • They contain the indications, findings, impression and plan with or without the images
  • Easy electronic faxing or emailing capability within the system

Lab Orders and Results Interface

  • HL-7 compatible software with proven integration with major pathology vendors. Click here for list of partners. Onclick takes you to screen Partners
  • Import Pathology Results seamlessly for patients whose Biopsy work was done. Ability to edit online and forward results
  • Exporting results to patient chart so that result will become a permanent electronic record
  • Ability to generate requisitions for pathology with patient demographic information. Each requisition contains the diagnosis, rule-outs and codes
  • Ability to print specimen labels with flexibility to enter jar numbers.
  • Order Interface to send requisitions electronically
  • Reports to track orders

MDR-Quality Reporting

PQRS measures authorize incentive pay outs of 0.5% for covered Medicare Part B fee schedule. Reimbursements are tied to the quality of procedures for not only Medicare but also private payers. It is important to get the reporting done automatically.

  • Report Generator provides analysis by physician, procedure type, diagnosis, indications, instruments and many other parameters
  • A surgery center can measure its efficiency by obtaining reports on time spent on individual activities
  • MD-Reports© is certified by GIQUIC to obtain more than 84 quality parameters specific to gastroenterology
  • Reports can be obtained on key parameters like:

    • Time spent by patient in center
    • Time spent by patient during procedure
    • GI Specific Parameters like

      • Average withdrawal times
      • Adequacy of bowel prep (with provision to use the Boston Scale)
      • Cecal intubation rate
      • Polyp Detection and retrieval rate
      • Adenoma detection rate

What's more is that key times are entered automatically through minimum manual intervention!

Endoscopy Reporting

You can get access to key quality measures for authorized incentive pay outs of 0.5% for covered Medicare Part B fee schedule.