Procedure Report Writer

  • Ready out-of-the-box templates for Surgical Specialties like Gastroenterology, Urology, Pain Management and Ophthalmology
  • Automatic Quality Reporting for PQRS incentives, GIQuIC, AGA registry (in progress) and ASGE guidelines
  • Procedure Reports with images integrated for GI Procedures including Colonoscopy/ Sigmoidoscopy, EGD, Double Procedures, ERCP, EUS, Urology Procedures including Cystoscopy, IVPs and many more, Pain Management procedures including injections, blocks, various other treatments and Eye Surgery reports
  • Analytics that provide statistics by physician, procedure type, diagnosis, indications, instruments and many more customizable fields
  • Facilitates unlimited image capture, video capture and storage of patient records
  • Easy capture of key timings like Patient wait times, time spent in Operating Room and during other key interventions
  • Pathology Requisition Generation and Automatic Lab Orders, Specimen Label Printing
  • Instant Fax and E-mail of reports, Discharge Instructions and Referral Letters
  • Automatic entry of CPT Procedure codes to save time and ensure adequate billing Track data over time